July 19, 2024         

Polymarket prediction markets are taking center stage in the 2024 presidential elections

Polymarket is revolutionizing prediction markets with its innovative approach, which has become glaringly clear this cycle during the 2024 presidential elections. This platform offers a reliable and engaging way for users to speculate on global events, leveraging blockchain technologyā€™s transparency and immutability. By democratizing access to betting markets, Polymarket introduces a novel use case for cryptocurrencies, fostering broader adoption and understanding of blockchain capabilities.

July 17, 2024         

BitcoinProtocol.org Sponsors the Inaugural Bitcoin Cash Football League in Nigeria

I am thrilled to announce that BitcoinProtocol.org is proudly sponsoring the first-ever Bitcoin Cash Football League in Nigeria! This exciting local community football competition kicked off on July 13th with its inaugural match at the Dark Delight Football Pitch in Yola, Nigeria. The Bitcoin Cash Football League is a groundbreaking initiative created by BCH Festival aimed at raising awareness and educating the community about Bitcoin Cash in a unique and engaging way. By combining the excitement of football with the revolutionary power of Bitcoin Cash, we are promoting financial freedom and fostering community spirit.

July 12, 2024         

Revisiting the Peter Todd and John Dillon leaked Bitcoin emails

In the past few days, Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd has come into the spotlight due to a controversial statement he made. This post isn't about that statement, however, due to the statement it brought up past events with Peter Todd and his involvement with Bitcoin development. Surprisingly, due to the statement he made and people discussing him and past events, I learned that many within the Bitcoin community do not know about leaked emails with Peter Todd and what appears to be a government agent, or as some call it, a CIA "spook."

June 27, 2024         

The alarming rise of crypto exchange hacks in 2024

We're only half way through the year and so far we have seen many crypto exchange hacks. More than we would like see, to put it mildly. As the digital currency market continues to expand, so does the target on its back. 2024 has seen an unprecedented wave of crypto exchange hacks, leaving the community on high alert. Here are the top crypto exchange hacks this year that you should know about.

June 20, 2024         

Being strategic with your crypto investments using Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

Often times I hear from newcomers to crypto who want to dump a bunch of money all in at once into their favorite crypto, so they can make the most out of it with a single investment. The problem with this strategy is that you have to try to time the market at it's lowest, so you can "buy the dip" at the right time, to get the most bang for your buck. What usually happens is you don't time it right, or wait too long, and miss your opportunity. This is where dollar cost averaging (DCA) comes in.

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