Apr 5, 2024         

Unleashing the Power of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies, the digital currencies that have been making headlines with their promise of decentralization and potential for high returns, are more than just a buzzword these days. It's become more mainstream representing a revolutionary shift in how we perceive and handle money. At the heart of this revolution is the technology of blockchain, a distributed ledger that records all transactions across a network of computers. This technology when compared to traditional finance (TradFi) not only increases security and speeds up the exchange of information in a cost-effective and transparent manner, but also eliminates the need for third parties, traditionally trusted centralized authorities like banks and governments.

Apr 3, 2024         

The Bitcoin Cash Halving, another milestone for digital cash

Today marks another milestone in the history of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The network is undergoing its fourth halving event, reducing the block reward from 6.25 BCH to 3.125 BCH. This event, embedded in the Bitcoin Cash protocol, occurs approximately every four years or every 210,000 blocks. Unlike fiat currencies that can be inflated by governments or banks, Bitcoin Cash has a fixed supply of 21 million BCH.

Apr 2, 2024         

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Poised for a Revolution

The cryptocurrency community is abuzz with anticipation as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) stands on the precipice of a potentially transformative moment. Crypto influencer, Rekt Capital, suggests BCH could be on the verge of breaking free from a long-standing downtrend, marking a monumental milestone. This potential breakout signifies more than just a technical triumph for BCH enthusiasts.

Apr 1, 2024         

This is a big week for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), here's why, and what the future looks like

Coinbase is set to unveil its derivatives futures exchange today, April 1, featuring Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. However, the introduction of Dogecoin futures will be delayed until April 29. The platform's Bitcoin Cash Futures, a monthly cash-settled contract, offers traders the opportunity to hedge risks, engage in margin trading, or speculate on Bitcoin Cash's market price. This new offering has notably increased retail enthusiasm for Bitcoin Cash.

Mar 25, 2024         

Three reasons why the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price is pumping right now

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is back in the news this week as the price surpassed $500 USD. Why is the price action so good right now? Let's take a look at the reasons why it's doing so well. Coinbase Derivatives will launch the first leveraged and CFTC-regulated futures contracts for Bitcoin Cash in April. Starting April 1st, Coinbase announced that it will launch the first leveraged and CFTC-regulated futures contracts for Bitcoin Cash. At the same time they are also launching futures contracts for two other cryptos, Dogecoin and Litecoin.

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