June 6, 2024         

Understanding CashTokens on Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

CashTokens are a new addition to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem introduced in 2022 by Bitcoin Cash developer Jason Dreyzehner. CashTokens are digital assets that can be issued by anyone, anywhere, at any time, making token creation and management available to everyone. In May of 2023, CashTokens went live on the Bitcoin Cash network as part of an annual upgrade.

May 14, 2024         

The Blocksize Wars are over with the Bitcoin Cash Adaptive Blocksize Limit Algorithm upgrade

This is yet another exciting week in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as one of the most contentious issues in the history of Bitcoin is being solved. This week BCH is set to introduce a new Adaptive Blocksize Limit Algorighm (ABLA) which is a new innovative upgrade to redefine onchain scalability, making second layer two platforms obsolete like Lightning Network. It's a significant leap forward for Bitcoin Cash, which is continuing the work of decentralized peer-to-peer cash for the world.

May 8, 2024         

Determining the details of the tax case against Roger Ver - facts, allegations, and nuances

The expatriation of Roger Ver, an early Bitcoin investor often referred to as "Bitcoin Jesus," made headlines when he renounced his U.S. citizenship and became a citizen of Saint Kitts in 2014. U.S. law mandates that citizens who expatriate may be subject to an exit tax on their assets, calculated based on the market value of their holdings at the time of expatriation.

May 1, 2024         

The United States Government is at War with Cryptocurrency

In the United States, the "land of the free," where innovation and enterprise once roamed unbridled, a new kind of war rages. The adversary? An intangible yet formidable and digital force that has taken the world by storm: cryptocurrency. As if having two ongoing wars already in Ukraine and Israel was not enough, Biden's thirst for blood is insatiable.

Apr 25, 2024         

Samourai Wallet shutdown: Monero and CashFusion in the Spotlight

People are looking for other options and privacy chains now that Samourai Wallet and mixer are offline due to the Feds bringing down the hammer and shutting them down. The founders of Samourai Wallet were arrested yesterday and charged with money laundering and unlicensed money transmitting because behind the scenes they were running a central server to process some of the transaction mixing.

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